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About Talk

Their battles may sound aggressive or barbarous to some, but at the same time it amazes so many others as well. For us, their voice is a shout out to the society – it is the voice that tells us about the big wide world and how it is changing. From a competition that only had a small number of people, RAP IS NOW has become Thailand’s biggest underground rap community. They are inclusive towards both old and new generations. People of any gender, age or race who are confident in their wittiness and speech are open to join the war where words are used to fight and debate. This is the opportunity to open your heart and hear different perspectives on society from the new generation.

Chalakorn Panyashom


– RAP IS NOW originated from a group of people who possess strong passion for rap culture. Everybody has a full time job, some are high school teacherswearing scout’s uniforms and teaching children during the day, then transform into rappers when the sun goes down.
– RAP IS NOW has existed for more than 7 years. There are over 700,000 followers on social media, plus more than 138 million views on Youtube. RAP IS NOW is the organizer of various rapping competitions, they host both small and big ones. In recent years, it hosted a competition a called The War Is On II which Repaze emerged as the winner.