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A creative soul, actor, and moderator from the famous TV program Toey Tiew Thai, Niti Chaichitathorn or “Pompam” has become a highly talked about icon. His comedic TV program creatively generates content that perfectly combines gender diversity with traveling. Under the spotlight, Pompam always successfully connects with his audience by making them practically laugh to death! However, his experiences with discrimination in real life is far from entertaining. Pompam has been challenged by social bias, discrimination, and judgement towards his own identifcation as a homosexual man. Unfortunately, some carry the ideology of judging another’s value based on external factors. Pompam is living proof that our authenthic value and selfhood comes from our inner self and our inner potential, not from our sexual orientation. Stereotypes andcommon perceptions like “all gay people must be funny” should no longer hold in modern society. We need to work together to break these perceptions and treat every individual with respect and kindness.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Niti Chaichitathorn

– Graduated from Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, majoring in Pali and Sanskrit. He was the only student in the entire class who studied under this major.
– Previously worked as a creative producer of Five Live and is currently working as a producer and MC of TV programs Toey Tiew Thai and Talk Ka Toey. Apart from that, he is also an assistant manager of TV show productions at GMM TV. As a writer, Pompam published a pocket book called MaNgumMaNgaRha.
– A Monk living in Nam Ru village, Chiang Mai province, sent him an email declaring that Toey Tiew Thai had drawn a large crowd of local people to the temple just to watch the show; the temple was the only place in the entire community that had both a TV and a computer.