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Believe it or not, among all the chaos in Bangkok, there lies a small community where every step of their lives aren’t moving with time. Their steps spin, twist, and swing alongside groovy jazz music. It’s a true utopia where they hold hands, communicate only by body language and let loose with an energy of freedom like no other. Multinational women and men are able to enjoy dancing in retro clothing – almost like they’re in a vintage flm! This part-time activity transformed into a community where close relationships were formed with the beat of the music. Bangkok Swing pride themselves on their enthusiasm and high levels of fun as they sway to the music and spread dance culture and joy to everyone they run into!

Chalakorn Panyashom

Chayapong Naviroj & Bangkok Swing

– Oat Chayapong, the co-founder of ‘Bangkok Swing,’ experienced swing dance for the frst time when he was studying in the United States. He then adhered to spread swing dance culture across Thailand by bringing together those who expressed interest in this new culture and were open to something new.
– Today, swing dance community has expanded at an incredibly massive scale. Over 70% of members are Thais and around 80 members are regulars! Swing dance classes are available every Thursday and Saturday.
– it’s where a thousand of new faces show up to dance their hearts out!