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If you’re wowed by hollywood films that demonstrate highly interactive table displays, then you’re going to be even more wowed by the fact that Jomzup Sittipittaya makes it come to life! With his startup company Exzy, Jomzup was a young man turned CEO who helped the company emerge as a leading force in technology every step of the way. He embodies all elements of success. From the science, software development and marketing – Exzy combines design with innovation to not just create amazing products, but amazing first impressions.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Jomzup Sittipittaya

– Exzy excels in combining new technology with incredible software and design. They give customers the experience that they have never seen before. Notable products include the multi-touch table and the virtual reality device
– Exzy won the Best Startup Thailand ICT Award in 2013
– The phrase “Sexy Experience” was the inspiration for the company’s name!
– The inspiration for creating multi-touch tables came from science fiction films such as Iron Man and Minority Report