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Digital thinking in the digital age


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When one thinks of a researcher, we usually picture a man hovered over something like an elephant tusk, analyzing it but then keeping it contained within the academic elite. Dr. Somkiat is the anti-thesis of the image above. He works with both the elite and the ordinary people. He understands the value of working with the general public and strives to publish valuable information that can improve lives or increase knowledge on a certain subject. Dr. Somkiat gives people the opportunity to understand and participate in the country’s developmental policies. There is no doubt that Dr. Somkiat is an expert on not just trade, but international investment, education reform, and many more topics.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Somkiat Tangkitvanich

– Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University prior to pursuing a master’s degree and a PhD. from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, in Artifcial Intelligence.
– Chose to study Engineering because he fell in love with AI. His real dream was, however, to change society, so he pursued the subjects of economics and public policy.
– Considered an expert in trade policies, international investment, policy development, technology and innovation, education reform, and telecommunications policies President of the Thailand Development Research Institute