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The world is made of collages


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No one would have ever thought that a Greek God and a fantastical animal could stand alongside a buffalo or a girl covered in a shawl. Nakrob Moonmanas doesn’t just do it all – he does it well. He captures aspects of both Thai and Western art with his incredibly unique style. He started by merely cutting and pasting from various publications, but then began progressing his ideas to revolve around the theme of traditions. His work portrays the underlying idea that tradition should not be contained, it should be allowed to blossom and change naturally. His work is more than just art, it is a reflection on modern society as a whole.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Nakrob Moonmanas

– Awarded the “Fan Pan Tae” award under the category of “Palace Lovers” in 2007 at the mere age of 16!
– Named the Young Talent champion at Thailand Inno Fashion Awards 2015 under the category of “Leather and Shoes”
– Illustrated well-known magazines such as Dichan, Giraffe and a book publishing
– His work doesn’t stop at collage – he is also not afraid to experiment and unite real thai jadas or clothes with things like christmas trees! – Currently, he is planning his own solo exhibition for the year 2017