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Humanity is borderless


About Talk

The word “ASEAN” is frequently used in Thailand. Some people might look at it as an economic opportunity while others might see it as a positive collaborative process. Jaruwan Supolrai, however, has a different perspective. She sees people as fellow human beings, not just an information stored on a map or a source of any breaking news. One day, Jaruwan decided to resign from her ordinary life and became a solo traveller, wandering through 5 Mekong countries. Having touched the root of diverse cultures in such a simple lifestyle of her new friends throughout her 5,000 km journey in 5 months, Jaruwan has come to realize that the man-made borders between countries should not reflect the way we live our lives. We should put our walls down and let people in – no matter which side of the border they come from.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Jaruwan Supolrai

– A social activist and a new gen practitioner of the organic agriculture
– Produced Mekong Nomad, a documentary on a journey to 5 neighboring countries
– Wrote a book TO LIVE IS TO SEEK, a collection of her solo travels in 5 Mekong countries which transcends one question that she often gets asked, “are you not afraid when travelling alone?”
– Organized the Language Farming Learning & Camp, giving opportunities to ASEAN Youths to learn about cultures, languages and self-sufficient agriculture
– Worked as an on-the-ground interpreter, connecting international students studying local communities in Thailand