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Live life with the aesthetics of smells


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When we talk about senses, we often think of sight, hearing, touch, and the sourness, sweetness, saltiness and bitterness of taste. Yet in truth, our lives are unexpected driven by another sense: the sense of smell. Though smells are immaterial and invisible, our brains record countless memories and experiences through the multitudes of scents entering our every breath. Chalida Kunalai is a regional scent manager; she has worked with fragrances and opened a new dimension for us to grasp the “power of aroma”: that the smells we encounter everyday – and in each chapter of our lives – influences our decision making, our thinking, our imagination, and our emotions so subtly we may had let it slip our notice.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Chalida Kunalai

– Regional Fragrance Manager for the globally famed FMCG company, Chalida has been the mastermind behind the aroma of various products for the past 10 years.
– Chalida is also the owner of Tete et Nez restaurant, which offers delicious dishes through the sense of smell.