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The truest truth


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There are not many Thai screenwriters and directors who could turn small and simple issues into blockbuster hits. Among those who did it successfully was Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, or better known as “nerdy Ter.” Ter picks up ideas from very ordinary things or situations: a routine sky train commute, a marathon, a broken hard disk, a social media platform, hipsters, a vintage film camera, a twitter account, a motorcycle messenger, an illegal movie downloads, and even freelancing. He uses these seemingly ordinary things and turns them into giant hits. Ter was behind an incredibly acclaimed film that made nearly a hundred million baht. The independent film he directed was able to reach out to the mass public in the most extraordinary way. It caused House, a stand-alone theater, fully booked up for months. Having had a lot of experience in the entertainment industry, Ter has come to realize that the lives people portray on social media doesn’t always reflect reality in its truest form.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

– Was an intern at GTH, an enthusiastic film production house. Afterwards, he became a screenwriter, a movie editor, and a director of both Independent and High-Budget Feature films. The movies he directed because blockbusters and received both international and national awards
– The filming locations used in his movies are usually always destroyed after filming ends. People often tease him with a comical Thai-equivalent version of #NawapolDemolitionService.
– There were a total of 410 tweets from @marylony that were used as material for the script of Mary is happy, Mary is happy
– Directed many short films, advertisements, and music videos. As a writer and an artist, he displays his work in various places.