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About Talk

You want to produce a play, but you don’t have the money. So you go to find the funds, only to realise you can’t find an audience. The humour of such circumstances seems clouded with exhaustion and discouragement, so much that you begin to rethink your place in this industry. Yet when Kris Sanguanpiyapand faced this exact situation, he smiled and kept running. Armed with ageless strength – as if sprinkled by Peter Pan’s fairy dust – and the determination to be a quality communicator, Kris has faith that theater will have its standing in our society. His meeting with a visually-impaired friend marked the beginning of a new idea: a play for a mix of blind and sighted audience, which he successfully produced. Kris invites us to explore our hearts and revisit our inner child, in order to bring out the creative spark that has been resting within us all.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Kris Sanguanpiyapand

– Kris graduated from Srinakharinwirot University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.
– He is the co-founder of Hidden Art Society, a theatre group producing plats for the visually impaired.