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Let public buses show their potentials


About Talk

Since the arrival of the skytrain and metro, Bangkok people are changing the way of how they commute. Although the bus system is covering significantly more routes than the BTS and MRT combined, it is still a worry that the number of the bus users is declining over the recent years. Nevertheless, the rail system alone will not be able to handle the growing numbers of passengers. “Van”, Waritthorn Suksabai who values travelling by bus, sees this as an opportunity and wants to make an improvement on this. He started small by redesigning bus stops and this proves to be significant. His ideology is to prove to everyone that this form of public transport is not the lowest kind in the society and it is actually for everyone.

Chalakorn Panyashom

Waritthorn Suksabai

“I love the folding doors and the triangle stairs of any large vehicles that never make me carsick.” Serenading buses, Waritthorn Suksabai – also known as Van – has always been facisnated by buses. Waritthorn hopes to improve Thai public bus system by making it easier to understand through infographic. Graduated as a graphic designer, he used his skills to open Mayday, a FB Page that uses design to create efficient bus routes. He believes that a good system, effective communication and data management will make buses a convenient way to commute.